The Stretchiest Sugarpaste Ever?

We’ve already talked about the wonderfully smooth texture, taste and workability of THE SUGAR PASTE™, but one aspect that truly sets this recipe apart from its competitors is the revolutionary elasticity of the paste. THE SUGAR PASTE stretches far and beyond your average sugarpaste without cracking, tearing or leaving behind that much-loathed elephant skin!

In fact, would you believe that just 100g of THE SUGAR PASTE™ can stretch to over 12 inches?

See our quick demonstration in the video below.

With the incredible stretch and flawless texture it maintains, THE SUGAR PASTE can be rolled thinner, allowing cake decorators to use less and save more. It’s surprising just how far 1kg of THE SUGAR PASTE will actually go.

Offering both exceptional quality with amazing value, it’s easy to see why THE SUGAR PASTE™ is becoming a first choice for both home bakers and professional cake artists.

Why not give it a try? We’re confident you’ll be amazed with the results!

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