THE SUGAR PASTE™ is a luxury, quality sugar paste (or fondant if you're from over the pond) thats got cake decorators from all over the world talking.

Made with ultra fine sugar and the highest quality Gum Tragacanth it creates a flawless satin smooth finish that is unrivalled. Easy to handle, a dream to cover and a melt-in-your-mouth taste. Best of all, it doesn't break the bank.

Did someone say 'elephant skin'? You'll find none of that around here! Knead well and you'll avoid any cracking and end up with a professional finish to be proud of.

THE SUGAR PASTE™ is made in a secret location away from the those prying eyes of the envious competition. We use innovative techniques and the highest quality ingredients to make our sugar paste, possibly the best you've ever used!

Some of the country's busiest bakeries from around Europe have switched to THE SUGAR PASTE™ and can't recommend it highly enough.

We assure you that from this day on THE SUGAR PASTE™will be your first choice when looking for high quality sugar paste, at rock bottom prices.