Ben Fullard - Ben the Cake Man

"As a versatile cake designer / maker, I am always curious about new products and keen to try them, so was really excited about THE SUGAR PASTE. I have to admit that I was very impressed! My first reaction was what a lovely consistency it was to work with: some pastes require a lot of kneading to make them workable, but THE SUGAR PASTE™ was really easy and quick to knead to a perfect consistency for creating and perfecting a super-smooth finish and sharp edges. I also found that it is strong enough for covering dynamic, sculptural pieces.

It's flexibility in use and the versatility of it really surprised me. This will be a permanent addition to my stock list."

Facebook & Instagram: benthecakeman

Zoe Burmester - Sugar Street Studios

"I am genuinely delighted to be announced as an ambassador for THE SUGAR PASTE. I’ve been on a constant search since I started cake decorating years ago for a sugar paste that had stretchy indestructible qualities, was tasty like homemade marshmallow fondant but was also reasonably priced. I had found all of those things in different brands but not all rolled into one product - until now.

I prefer to use white sugar paste and colour it myself and need a fondant that can take the weight and saturation of a lot of kneading and added colour. THE SUGAR PASTE is robust enough for this handling and doesn’t tear under pressure. It’s lovely and smooth which is great for sculpting, and has a super stretch for covering tiers and getting those lovely sharp edges. It mixes well with modelling chocolate and it’s pretty delicious without being overly sweet. And importantly it is costed at a great price, which to be honest is a key consideration for any cake decorator who gets through a lot of sugar paste!

With the explosion and enthusiasm seen in cake decorating in recent years from hobby baker to professional, it's great that a new product is finally meeting all the artistic, practical and economic demands that cake makers face."

Facebook & Instagram: sugarstreetstudios